Central Park New York

Ride the ponies

Central Park New York

Central park attractions

  • The Central Park Zoo
  • Belvedere Castle
  • The Carousel
  • Bow Bridge
  • Ride the ponies
  • Central Park Reservoir
  • Mall in Central Park

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Central Park

Central Park New York

Park is a visual masterpiece created by landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted and architect Calvert Vaux. It has gone through major developments and restoration over time to carry on its initial purpose as an open-air oasis for a metropolitan city. No matter the season or reason for your visit, this national historic landmark is a setting for enjoying many pursuits.

Central Park, 840 acres (340 hectares), the most important park in Manhattan, City; deckled by 59th St. on the south, Fifth Ave. on the east, 110th St. on the north, and commons West on the west. The land was nonheritable by town in 1856; within the method many little communities were destroyed, one among the most important being Seneca Village, a settlement of some 250 working-class blacks. The park was designed per the plans of U.S. landscape architects town L. landscape gardener and Calvert Vaux, that took twenty years to implement.

The park has rolling parcel with lakes and ponds, greeneries, bridle ways, walks, and park drives. There are a unit several playgrounds and alternative recreational facilities, together with the Wollman rink.

The Metropolitan depository of Art stands within the park on Fifth Ave.; alternative points of interest embrace a proper garden, a zoo, Associate in Nursing Egyptian obelisk popularly referred to as “Cleopatra’s Needle,” a replacement dynasty town reservoir, and also the Mall. within the out-of-door Delacorte Theater, Shakespearean dramas and alternative plays area unit given freed from charge. The personal commons Conservancy works with town to preserve and improve the park.

1. The Central Park Zoo

The life Conservation Society’s commons menagerie and therefore the Tisch Children’s menagerie.

Here, simply a number of yards from fifth Ave. you’ll realize over a hundred thirty completely different species starting from large Polar Bears to the Brazilian black tarantula.

A walk round the Zoo’s 5 and acres can take you thru a spread of habitats, all rigorously designed to recreate the natural atmosphere of the animals they house.

The menagerie is split into 3 completely different sections which offer the animals with homes as near their natural surroundings as potential. These embody tropic, temperate and polar zones that house everything from geckos to the massively in style polar bears. The menagerie is additionally actively concerned the preservation of species, providing a home for rare marmoset monkeys, American state toads, thick-billed parrots, and red pandas.

2. Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle central park

Take in a sweeping read of the nice field, the Ramble and Turtle lake from Belvedere Castle, a folly engineered on one in all the very best points within the park. Borrow a free discovery kit (requires 2 styles of ID, one in all that is unbroken as a deposit) from within the castle, which incorporates binoculars, a map and a guide for bird-watching within the Ramble’s woods.

3. The Carousel


Probably the foremost in style attraction with the pre-teen set is that the historic Carousel. because the park spins by and also the calliope tootles it’s simple to imagine yourself at a rustic honest miles outside the urban range of latest royal house town. the initial park carousel opened in 1871 ANd was power-driven by a blind mule and a horse that walked a treadmill in an underground pit.

It before long became one among the park’s most well-liked attractions and remains thus to the present day, with nearly 250,000 riders a year. Originally the park commissioners had frowned upon business enterprises within the Park, however they eventually saw the popular attractions as valuable assets. They conjointly recognized the not insignificant fees that town earned on the carousel’s operation as a welcome supply of required revenue.

4. Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge is one in every of the foremost photographed and recorded locations in park and it deserves as of its star name.

Stretching sixty feet over the lake, from Cherry Hill to the Ramble, it’s not only 1 of the foremost lovely forged iron bridges within the world, however additionally offers a number of the foremost breathless views of the park around it.

Completed in 1862 Bow Bridge was designed of forged iron rather than stone, that was used for pretty much all of the opposite archways within the park.

From its swish curves to the delicate ornamentation it’s one in every of the best samples of the magic that resulted from the combined vision of landscapist and Jacob Wrey Mould.

It displays Associate in Nursing tasteful, nonetheless powerful aesthetic that gives the proper transition between the fastidiously crafted Cherry Hill and therefore the natural jumble of the Ramble.

5. Ride the ponies

Ride the ponies

Experience the retro charm of bobbing on to organ music atop one in all the Friedsam Memorial Carousel’s fifty two saddles.

The carousel is in its third incarnation since 1871 (the original was horse-powered, and therefore the next 2 were purportedly destroyed by fires), and therefore the current version dates back to 1950, once it had been discovered during a city district tram terminal. Expect long waits, popcorn, hot dogs and a couple of bad-tempered youngsters.

6. Central Park Reservoir

Arguably the foremost valuable city district realty on the earth, the Central Park Reservoir is found between 86th and 96th Sts. at the middle of the park.

Currently offi­cially named the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir it covers a full one eight of the park’s surface. The 106-acre body of water is forty feet deep and holds over a billion gallons of water.

Once a essential a part of the city’s H2O system it had been disconnected as a vigorous part since the new water tunnel was opened in 1991. it’s in all probability best better-known currently as home to the one.58 mile running track that surrounds it.

The Reservoir is additionally presently the topic of a awfully oral presentation as many totally different plans square measure thought of for its future; these embody fishing piers, a marina, ball fields, restaurants and beaches. Hopefully the talk can rage on indefinitely and therefore the current configuration can stay because it is.

7. Enjoy the Mall in Central Park

Under the shade of 1 of the biggest stands of yank Elm trees in North America, while not a building in view, you’ll really want you’ve left the town behind for a moment.

Once an area to walk in your finery, it’s currently a neighborhood wherever several artists associated performers got wind of shop but not in an unpleasant method.

It’s a good spot to grab a bench and watch the fabulous eccentricities of the strangers around you unfold over a day.

Central park restaurant

1). Carl’s Jr. [QUICK BITES]

Central Park, Tanjung Duren

CUISINES: Fast Food, Burger

COST FOR TWO: Rp150.000

HOURS: 10h to 22h (Mon-Sun)

FEATURED IN: Kickass burgers

2). Uncle Tetsu [DESSERT PARLOR]

Central Park, Tanjung Duren

CUISINES: Desserts

COST FOR TWO: Rp100.000

HOURS: 10h to 22h (Mon-Sun)

3.) Washoku Sato [CASUAL DINING]

Central Park, Tanjung Duren

CUISINES: Japanese, Sushi, Asian, Ramen

COST FOR TWO: Rp160.000

HOURS: 10h to 22h (Mon-Sun)

4.) The Good Stuff (TGS) [QUICK BITES]

Central Park, Tanjung Duren

CUISINES: Healthy Food

COST FOR TWO: Rp100.000

HOURS: 10h to 22h (Mon-Sun)

5.) Dharma Kitchen [CASUAL DINING]

Central Park, Tanjung Duren

CUISINES: Healthy Food, Jawa, Indonesian, Chinese, Western

COST FOR TWO: Rp120.000

HOURS: 10h to 22h (Mon-Sun)

Central Park Address

Central Park is located in New York City, in the heart of Manhattan. It is a national historic landmark that draws approximately 40 million visitors from all over the world every year.

Central Park stretches from North 110th Street to Central Park South and from Central Park West to 5th Ave.

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